Thursday, 20 April 2017

Look of the Day: H&M Jacquard Full Midi Skirt

H&M Jacquard Full Midi Skirt
Today I'm really excited to show you the latest addition to my skirt collection which has turned out to be a real head turner. I literally lost count of how many compliments I got after wearing it twice last week. In case you are wondering, it is one of the latest gems I found in H&M. Yes, you heard me right. The skirt is H&M.

I can honestly say that H&M has truly stepped up their game when it comes to skirts. While many people praised them, I could never find anything that would be long enough to protect my modesty. Everything I tried on before barely covered my bum and I'm not a giant (I'm only 5'9")

However, this yellow jacquard skirt is a perfection. The thickness of the fabric makes it swish when I walk and it doesn't crease, which is important to me as I absolutely hate ironing. I love this skirt so much that I'm thinking about ordering this one which is slightly pricier but equally amazing. Shall or I shall I not? That's the question. 
H&M Jacquard Full Midi Skirt
H&M Jacquard Full Midi Skirt
H&M Jacquard Full Midi Skirt
Skirt - H&M
Top - Old
Shoes - Next
Bag - River Island 

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