Monday, 13 February 2017

Spring Colour Alert

If you've read my latest post (here), you know that I can't get enough of colour in my life. As bright hues can instantly lift your mood and make you feel a lot more energised, today I wanted to talk to you about the colours you should introduce to your wardrobe this coming season. 

If the idea of sporting yellow trews scares you a little bit, check out this post for tips on how to make your wardrobe pop! 

Splash of yellow

1. Skirt - Marks & Spencer // 2. Bag - New Look // 3. Trousers - Marks & Spencer //
 4. Shoes - Boden // 5. Jumper - Next 

Don't shy away from yellow as it is one of the hottest colours for Spring/Summer 2017. It is also the most luminous colour of the spectrum representing youth, energy and happiness.
Splash of red
1. Blazer - Next // 2. Scarf - Dorothy Perkins // 3. Blouse - Dorothy Perkins // 4. Shoes - Dorothy Perkins // 5. Culottes - Marks & Spencer 

Red is my colour of choice every time when I need a confidence boost. As some women find it hard to wear, last summer I prepared a guide with tips to help you find the perfect shade of red to complement your skin tone.  

Splash of Blue

1. Shoes - Boden // 2. Dress - Dorothy Perkins // 3. Bag - Accessorize // 4. Skirt - House of Fraser // 5. Shoes - Dorothy Perkins 

I'm sure most of you already have something blue in your wardrobe. It's cool and calming so it's not a surprise to see that it's number 1 favourite colour of all people. 

Splash of Pink

1. Skirt - Dorothy Perkins // 2. Shoes - Dorothy Perkins // 3. Top - Warehouse // 4. Jumper - Next // 5. Coat - New Look // 6. Clutch - Dorothy Perkins

It looks like pink is not going anywhere any time soon. If you're not comfortable wearing pink from head to toe, team it with brown, beige, white or blue. 

Splash of Green

1. Bag - New Look // 2. Dress - Warehouse // 3. Trousers - Marks & Spencer // 
4. Shoes - Boden // 5. Dress - Dorothy Perkins 

According to Pantone, green is the colour of the year. It's the most flattering colour so don't forget to show it some love this coming season. 

Splash of Orange

1. Skirt - House of Fraser // 2. Dress - Dorothy Perkins // 3. Coat - Warehouse 
// 4. Shoes - New Look 

Orange radiates warmth and happiness. You can easily pull it off by teaming this vibrant hue with classic tonnes of navy, cream and grey. 
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