Monday, 19 December 2016

Find Your Perfect Holiday Bra

Find your perfect holiday bra
With Christmas only a few days away, I'm sure most of you have already picked your perfect holiday outfit. But did you think about your bra? 

After talking to some of my friends and fellow bloggers, I've noticed that we often don't pay much attention to underwear. We think that because it's out of sight, we don't need to think about what we wear under our clothes. That's so wrong!

Ill fitting underwear will create lumps and bumps. Wrong bra will cut you in or make your boobs look saggy. Sometimes you may even experience back pain! 

Our boobs can change their size many times throughout our lives, so it's important to get professionally measured and replace our old bras on a regular basis. 

As you can't slip a beautiful dress on over a tatty bra, today I wanted to share with you a fun quiz created by ThirdLove, a fashion tech company designing bras with you in mind, to help you find a bra that fits your holiday personality. 

Quiz to Find your perfect holiday bra

Apparently, it turns out that I'm the 'Lace Balconette Bra' who is seduced by all the holidays have to offer. What's your bra personality? 

P.S.Third Love has prepared an exclusive promo code TL15BRABLEMSDEC which you can use to get 15% off on your next bra. Although, the company is based in the USA, the code is valid on international orders, too :) 
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