Monday, 31 October 2016

Last Month

Last Month
If I had to summarise October in one word, I'd say that it was a fun month. I finally had a chance to attend Stylist Live which was AMAZING. 

I won a ticket to the festival last year but sadly couldn't use it due to other commitments. So as soon as early bird tickets for this year's festival went on sale a few months ago, I grabbed one and made sure that nothing stopped me from attending. 

The highlight of the event was the Stylist catwalk supported by Swarovski where we could see the hottest AW trends: Spice World, Navy Coat, Velvet Goldamin, Sportwear and Intergalactic.  

I also attended a fabulous coding masterclass run by the CEO of Code First: Girls, Amali de Alwis. During her talk, she demystified the coding jargon and taught everyone how to get started with the basic. 

As I've wanted to learn how to code ever since I launched my blog 2 years ago, I was excited when I found out that Code First: Girls offers 'Intro to web development' courses for women. I've already booked my place on the next one starting in January. This is a birthday present to myself. 

How was your October? Did you do anything exciting?

P.S. I can't wait for November to start tomorrow. It's my birthday month so I hope it will be a great one! 

Stylist Live 2016

Stylist Live 2016

How to style a cape

Bell sleeve dress

Pussy bow dress

Stylist Live 2016

Collarless blush coat

Chanel-esque coatigan

Oversized coat

How to make cardigan look chic
blue coat for autumn

Friday, 28 October 2016

Common Nail Mistakes Women Make

Some nail mistakes women often make
I think you'll agree with me that freshly manicured hands are really attractive. In fact, I recently treated myself to a professional manicure as part of my pursuit to have a proper 'me time' at least once a month. 

When I left the salon and looked at my freshly done nails, I've realised how neglectful I was towards them in the past few weeks. Oops.... That fact actually inspired me to do today's post and talk about common nail mistakes women often make.

7 nail mistakes women make

Sporting chipped nail polish for days

I think there's nothing more ugly than chipped nail polish. It's actually my biggest pet peeve. 

Skipping base coat

I've made a mistake of not wearing base coat under darker nail polish in the past. I learnt my lesson after being left with stained nails. The stains faded away after a few days but it wasn't a pretty sight. 

Using a metal nail file

Although metal nail files are available in pretty much every manicure set, you shouldn't use them. They are more abrasive than emery boards or glass files and can cause nails to split.

Cutting cuticles 

Cuticles protect the base of the nail from bacteria and fungus. You should NEVER cut them. If you want to neaten your cuticles, you should apply cuticle oil and push them back with an orange stick. 

Biting your nails

People bite their nails for many reasons. Although it's often a method of stress relief, we can't deny that it's a nasty habit. 

Picking your nails

We often pick at nail polish when it starts to chip. While it may sounds like a 'cheap' nail polish remover method, it's actually very damaging to nails. When stripping off nail polish, you tear off the top layer of your nail. 

Using nails as tools

I'm guilty of using my nails as tools to open cans, scrape stickers etc. This is a bad habit that puts stress on your nails and causes them to break.

Have you made any of these nail mistakes in the past? Is there anything else you would add to the list?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Blanket Wrap as a Vest

How to style a blanket wrap as a cardigan
If you've been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I'm a huge fan of blanket wraps (here, here or here). They have been part of my winter survival kit for years as I love the idea of being able to wrap myself in a cosy blanket when chill creeps in.

I usually drape my blanket scarves over my shoulders as capes but today I decided to add a belt to try something slightly different. I have to say that I quite like this makeshift vest which is really cosy despite looking a bit sloppy. 

What do you think of today's look? 

How to style a blanket scarf as a cardigan
blanket wrap as a cardigan
How to style a blanket wrap as a cardigan
Blanket wrap - Old // Jumper - F&F // Jeans - Marks & Spencer // Boots - Deichmann

How to style a blanket wrap

Monday, 24 October 2016

How to Make a Cardigan Look Chic

How to make a cardigan look chic
Can you imagine your wardrobe without a cardigan in it? I know it's a silly question. Every woman has at least one cardigan in her clothing arsenal. They not only help us survive chilly winters but they also come in handy during summer when we get stuck in an air conditioned restaurant or office. 

Having said that, cardigans are not necessarily the most chic items. They are often chunky and may not flatter all figures. With this in mind, today I wanted to share with you 3 easy steps you can follow to transform a cardigan into a more stylish ensemble this season. 

1. Pick a cardigan that has a texture, unique pattern or colour to make it the focal point of your outfit. 
2. If you are wearing a rather plain cardigan, team it with a top that has interesting  details. 
3. Belt it if you want to show off your curves 

How to style a cardigan for autumn
Team your cardigan with a unique detailed top
How to make a cardigan look chic
How to style a cardigan
Cardigan - From a small boutique  // Top - F&F // Jeans - Marks & Spencer // Boots - From a small boutique

Friday, 21 October 2016

Shoes Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

I know I've said many times that I'm a huge shoe lover. If only I could afford it, I would buy shoes every week. My collection will soon feature 107 pairs as I've just ordered the prettiest olive over the knee boots I've ever seen. While I'm waiting for them to arrive, I wanted to share with you a list of shoes I think every woman should own.

Shoes all women should own

Classic black pumps

Black court shoes

You can never go wrong with a pair of classic black court shoes. They add a touch of glamour to any outfit regardless of whether you are wearing a pencil skirt or jeans. 

nude heels

Nude heels

Some people say that nude is the new black. Nude heels not only go well with everything but they also create a streamlined effect to make your legs look miles long. What more do you need? 

statement shoes

Statement shoes

If you invest in statement shoes, you will never get stuck in a wardrobe rut. They can easily transform even the most boring outfit into a super stylish ensemble. 



I used to hate trainers as I associated them with the ugly shoes that I had to wear during PE lessons at school. Now trainers are my go to shoes if I'm lazy and need to give my feet some rest. 

flat shoes

Flat shoes 

Flat pumps are a perfect alternative to trainers if you want to feel comfortable and look more polished. They are a life saver so when I worked in an office, I made sure I kept a pair under my desk. They came in handy many times. 

ankle boots

Ankle boots

Autumn is in the air so I'm sure most of you have already invested in ankle boots. If you haven't, then what are you waiting for? There is an abundance of styles available this season so you will find something for yourself regardless of whether you're a huge fan of metallics or the velvet trend. 

over the knee boots

Tall boots 

Knee high or over the knee boots will keep your pins warm during the colder months. They can be a huge investment so remember to look after them properly. You can find my simple boot care tips here

Do you have these shoes in your wardrobe? Is there anything else you would add to my list?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Tale of a Printed Blouse

How I styled a printed blouse
I've always loved wearing blouses and they make up a large proportion of my wardrobe. They are not only an essential part of my workwear but they also come in handy on days when I want to look polished without making much effort. I just tuck one in my jeans and I'm ready to go. 

This year most clothing brands have seriously stepped up their game when it comes to stocking pretty blouses. From embroidered pieces to ruffled tops, there is plenty to choose from. 

The F&F blouse I'm wearing today has been on my wish list ever since I spotted it featured in one of the fashion magazines. It was a real mission to track it down as it wasn't available online or in my local store. I visited Tesco's website every 3 hours in the hope that it will magically appear in the Tops section. And then when I was ready to give up my search, I spotted the blouse hanging in my store. I literally made a happy dance when I put it into my basket. Other shoppers must have thought I was weird but who cares. I finally got what I wanted!

printed F&F blouse
printed F&F blouse

Blouse - F&F
Jeans - Next
Coat - It's quite old 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Blue Coat for Autumn

How to wear airy blue coat in autumn
Earlier this year Airy Blue has been named as one of the pantone colours for Autumn/Winter 2016/17. I have to admit that I was oblivious to this fact until lovely Jalisa from The Style Countour shared with her readers a few ideas about how we can wear baby blue this season. 

Inspired by her post, today I wanted to show you my new winter coat from New Look. My Mum originally ordered it for herself but when she tried it on, she wasn't convinced it suited her. I was more than happy to take it. After all who says no to free clothes! 

Airy blue gives a nod to Spring's Serenity and evokes feelings of lightness and freedom. I think that it suits all skin tones and looks great with a pop of colour. 

What do you think of today's look? Are you wearing blue this season?  

How to wear airy blue coat in autumn
How to style blue coat
Coat - New Look // Top - F&F // Trousers - River Island // Shoes - New Look

Link up: #iwillwearwhatilike

Friday, 14 October 2016

Bell Sleeve Dress

Bell sleeve dress
How often do you organise your wardrobe? I certainly don't do it often enough. But when it finally happens, I end up finding clothes that I've forgotten about. 

One of the hidden gems I recently discovered was a bell sleeve dress from today's post. I must have got it about 5 or 6 years ago when I was slightly chubbier. Back then I wore it pretty much non-stop with boots, a leather jacket and giant scarf. At some point I thought it would fall apart. 

Now the dress has a looser fit as I've managed to lose some weight over the past few years.  However, I think it still makes a perfect autumnal outfit especially now when bell sleeved tops and dresses are a major fashion hit. 

Bell sleeve dress
A dress for autumn
Bell sleeve dress

A dress for autumn
Bell sleeve dress
Dress - Next
Boots -

Linkup: Fancy Friday

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Pussybow Midi Dress

Pussybow midi dress
You've probably noticed how much I love F&F. They may be a supermarket brand but their clothes  don't differ much from what is available on the high street. I bet most people wouldn't have guessed that I buy my clothes in the supermarket if I hadn't admitted to doing so. 

This year F&F has gone above and beyond. Their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is fabulous! You may have seen the Chanel-esque coatigan on the blog last week. It's a truly timeless piece that I will definitely wear from season to season. 

The midi red dress from today's post is another great item that I picked during one of my weekly grocery shopping trips. Don't blame me! It's not my fault that the clothes section is so close to the store's entrance. 

Sadly my photos don't do the dress much justice. For some strange reasons, I couldn't capture its beautiful vibrant scarlet colour no matter how many times I tried. I almost threw a tantrum in the park. 

The dress has a pretty fit and flare silhouette that will flatter most body types. It also features the pussybow tie at the neck which is on trend and makes the dress look so much more expensive. 

Do you buy your clothes in supermarkets? 

F&F Pussybow midi dress
Pussybow midi dress
F&F Pussybow midi dress
Pussybow midi dress
Pussybow midi dress
Dress - F&F // Shoes - Marks & Spencer 

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