Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Blue Stripes and Red Culottes

How to wear red culottes
When I was shooting photos for today's look, I felt a sense of deja vu as I'd already put together a similar outfit a few weeks ago (here). What can I say? Stripes and red culottes seem to be a match made in heaven so I naturally gravitate towards this combination. 

I swear that when I was buying my culottes earlier this year I had no idea I'd wear them so often. Many fashion bloggers rave about culottes but I never thought I'd join them. I guess I was wrong. 

Now I can't imagine my summer wardrobe without this style of trousers. I'm actually thinking of buying a few more pairs for autumn/winter. What colours should I get?

How to wear red culottes

F&F striped top

How to style red culottes

red culottes and blue striped top



How to wear red culottes
Top - F&F
Culottes - F&F
Bag - Old
Shoes - From an independent boutique 

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