Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Little Red Dress

Little red dress
"When you need a confidence boost, pick red" - that's my new motto.

I'm always surprised to see how different colours affect my mood. If you are interested in colour psychology, you probably know that red is the colour of energy and passion. It exudes strength and motivates us to take action. 

For me, red is also a confidence booster. It instantly uplifts my mood and makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. Having said that, I find my love for red a bit odd at times considering the fact that I hate drawing too much attention to myself. Hmm…am I strange?

I have a few red pieces in my wardrobe but this little red dress is a favourite of mine. I adore the chiffon sleeves and the A-line cut that flatters my pear-shaped body.

Little red dress

F&F red dress, Deichmann heels and New Look clutch

F&F red dress, Deichmann heels and New Look clutch
black high heels
F&F red dress
Dress - F&F
Bag - New Look
Shoes - Deichmann 

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