Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Khaki Trousers

How to wear khaki trousers
Do you guys remember All Saints? The band, who reunited this year and released a new album, rocked cargo trousers in the late 90s. I was a bit of a tomboy back then so I loved their style and music. 

Cargo trousers have undergone a major makeover since then. Their famous version in khaki is available in different styles so everyone can find something for themselves. They're no longer reserved for tomboys! 

Just like cargo trousers, my style has evolved, too. I still wear khakis on casual days but now I try to make them look more feminine. 

That's why for this look I decided to pair them with kitten heels. Some people loathe this style of shoes as it doesn't provide leg-lengthening and calf-defining benefits traditional high heels gives us. I, however, praise kitten heels for comfort and the fact that they are easy to walk in.

What do you think of khaki trousers? How do you style them? 

P.S. Please ignore the tan lines on my feet. They look horrible so let's pretend they're not there. 

How to wear khaki trousers

How I wear khaki trousers summer 2016
striped shirt
kitten heels
Shirt - Old
Vest - H&M
Trousers - Old
Shoes - CCC

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