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Achieving the Perfect Summer Makeup Look - Guest Post

Do you wear the same makeup throughout the year or do you switch your routine during the summer months? I have partnered with Peter Minkoff, a lifestyle writer at Shlur magazine who today tells us how to update our beauty routine to look great this summer. Over to Peter…

Adjusting your summer makeup routine

Summer is definitely the most fun season and we just cannot wait for it to start. And if you are caught up in the summer fever as well, then the first thing you did was check into the amazing summer fashion trends. The second would probably be the hairstyles, and the third makeup. Still, with summer makeup it is not all about the trends, it is about the skill and the ideal measure. You need to look great, without melting on the sun, which can be very difficult, if you know what we mean. Here, we will give you a few tips and tricks about how to use makeup to look great during hot summer days.

Fresh and Hydrated

There is nothing more attractive than a glowing face (by glowing we do not mean shining, though, but luminous). You can go for the classic moisturiser to achieve it, but you can also apply a few drops of an essential oil, or simply shorten the procedure with a tinted moisturizer. Just make sure that your skin is well nourished (exfoliated, cleansed and hydrated) – that is the best foundation for a great makeup look. If you are not using a moisturiser with SPF you should get the right sunscreen. Always look for a certified product and don’t forget to add the sunscreen before moving on to makeup.

Use a Primer

Sure, you could move on to foundation right away but it would be best to remove the excess oil and to even out the complexion before doing that. The best tool you can find is a primer, which is rich with antioxidants and moisturising as a lotion. An extra perk is that if you choose well, it can also serve to blur out larger pores.

Nature Is Your Best Friend

It is always important to minimize the number of artificial chemicals you are applying to your skin but in summer it can be even more important because you want to avoid your pores getting clogged and the overall look you are aiming for should be natural. It is no wonder that the sale of organic makeup in UK and in many other countries is becoming more popular with every passing year.

Achieving the perfect summer makeup look

Sweep Some Bronzer

Bronzer will be your second best friend this summer, right after the organic products. It is a true miracle worker that can make your teeth look whiter, your skin warmer and your eyes brighter. Make sure you apply it just to the high points of your face (cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin) where the sun naturally hits you. Our tip is to use powder bronzer, since it is easier to apply and blend together.

Make Your Eyes Pop

If you want all eyes on you this summer, then you need to make your own eyes stand out. Unlike the wintertime, you should not do this with rich and deep colours but with their sheer versions and nude shades. You can, however, use an electric blue liner to add a bit drama and own this hot 2016 trend. Make your eye makeup last by applying a primer before the shadow/liner and layer a powder over a cream.

Add Some Vibrant Colours

Besides the popular blue eyeliner, there are other ways to make your makeup look more, shall we say – summery. Add some lively colours that can brighten up your face and give a youthful glow to your skin. Sure, this does not mean that you should put an accent on each part of your face but only to have a single fun pop on one area of your face. That can be a punchy blush on the cheeks or a bright (matte) lipstick on your lips.

In the end, do not forget to summer proof your makeup products to avoid the melting effect – dense always tops liquid, silicone formulas are great for coverage, less is more, choose waterproof and use oil blotting sheets to soak up the excess oil.

About the author 
Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle writer living in London and occasionally in Brisbane, Australia. Beside writing, he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around the UK and Australia. You can follow him on Twitter

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