Friday, 29 April 2016

Last Month

Spring blooms
Spring Blooms

Sweet April shower do spring flowers.
Thomas Tusser

April is drawing up to a close so it's time for the 'Last Month' recap on the blog. 

April has always been one of my favourite months. It's the time when everything comes alive and the world around seems to be more colourful.

Below is the recap of my outfits and favourite photos from the past 4 weeks. Which one is your favourite? 

Parisian inspired look
Retro-inspired look
April recap in photos 1. Saturday walk down the canal // 2. Sunset // 3. Cool door alert // 4. More blooms

Pink Game
PeplumApril recap 1. Playing with shadows // 2. Blogger moment after a shoot // 3. My collection of slipper shoes // 4. What colour shall I choose? 

Spring florals
Casual look
April recap 1. Earlier this month I visited Poland // 2. I wanted all these cakes // 3. I can't imagine travelling without a book // 4. Typical shot from an airplane 
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