Friday, 1 April 2016

Last Month

Spring blooms

Spring blooms 

Happy April's Fool Day. Have you pulled off any pranks today? When I was a kid, I loved playing jokes on my family. Although they were fairly innocent, my Mum wasn't amused (sorry Mum)

My cheeky side is itching to do something today. I know I have to spare my Mum as it's her name day but my siblings should beware ;)

But let's get back to the post. As you can see, here is a recap of my outfits and favourite photos from last month. 

March marked the beginning of spring so I tried to spend a lot of time outdoors to see how nature is waking up and coming to life. It may sound a bit lame to you but new season has inspired me to finally take a greater care of myself. So, I stopped making excuses and started a proper fitness routine. You could read about my small plan to achieve fitness goals here

I also started paying a closer attention to what I put into my body. I've been battling adult acne for years and after reading Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart and The Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer I truly realised that you are what you eat. Although both books reinforce a lot what I've already known about having a healthy skin e.g. the fact that you need to drink plenty of water etc, they reminded me that I need to have a happy and healthy relationship with my body. 

Minimalist look

Blanket wrap


1. The Good Girl is a genuinely twisted mystery // 2. Starting a day with a healthy 
 breakfast and some fashion reading // 3. Inspirational books about health and nutrition // 4. It's true. We all need plenty of hugs every day :)

A bright red coat

Spring florals

March in photos

1. A surprise package from Guerlain with some great samples // 2. I hope you all had a lovely Easter //3. Easter cake // 4. Time to throw some punches 

A slogan sweater in a l"aid back chic" version

A slogan sweater worn in a casual way

A slogan sweater worn in a smart way

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