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How to Have Perfect Hair Naturally - Guest Post

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You may have seen my post last week about how a great haircut can change your life (here). I'm sure you'll agree with me that hair is a unique part of our identity. It's also one of our precious features that requires special care and attention after all we put it through on a daily basis. 

With this in mind, today I wanted to share with you a guest post written by Amy Mia Goldsmith. Amy, who contributes to High Style Life, gives us some tips on how to avoid mistreating our hair. I love her advice and I'm definitely going to follow it so I can sport healthy and lustrous locks :) 

All girls dream of gorgeous and lustrous hair, but few of us can actually boast of it. Perfect hair is the one that is healthy, shiny and strong. How can you possibly achieve all that? Well, by giving it the best treatment it deserves. And what can be better for your hair than natural hair care habits and products. Follow these five simple, yet effective, natural hair care rules, and you will get perfect and healthy hair in no time.

1. Use organic hair products


Inorganic hair products contain various toxic chemicals that harm not just your hair, but your health in general. One of the most common ingredients in shampoos, sodium lauryl sulphate can cause cataract in adults, while in children it can lead to improper eye development. There are other equally harmful ingredients, such as propylene glycol, ammonium lauryl sulphate, and olefin sulphonate, which can corrode your hair follicles, dry your scalp, and irritate your oil glands. 

Organic products contain none of these. They are much milder and gentler to your hair. These days, they are also not hard to find. Make sure you always check the labels on the products before you buy them.

2. Let your hair dry naturally


Heat is your hair’s worst enemy. Whenever you can, let your hair air dry. Heat dries out your hair and makes it more prone to breakage. Avoid hair dryers, flat irons, curlers, and other heat styling tools. If you really cannot avoid using a hairdryer, at least take some measures to lessen the damage it does to the hair. Hold it at a certain distance from your hair, set it to cool, and use a heat protection spray. Wringing your wet hair with a towel is also not a good idea. Wet hair is more fragile, so you need to be extra careful with it. After washing your hair, just pat it with a towel.

3. Prefer combing than brushing your hair


Never ever brush wet hair. As we already mentioned, that is when it is stretchier and weaker. Use a wide toothed comb straight after washing it. You can use brushes for styling, but when you do that, make sure they are made of natural bristles, and do not exaggerate with stroking the hair. Remember to apply conditioner when washing your hair to make it more pliable.

4. Trim your hair regularly

Regardless of how contradictory it may sound, when you are growing your hair out, you should trim it regularly. Regular trims will not make your hair grow faster. They will only prevent hair breakage that makes your hair grow slower. Like all things that grow, the longer the hair, the older it is, and the more susceptible to split ends it gets. The interval between two haircuts will largely depend on your hair type, but it should be somewhere between six weeks and three months.

5. Eat well to keep your hair strong and lustrous


For a great hair, you need to include essential fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids, into your diet. Eating salmon, tuna, mackerel, and other fatty fish will make your hair stronger. Walnuts and almonds, too. Vitamins B-6 and B-12 are excellent hair nutrients. Bananas, potatoes, spinach, and meat are packed with them. Proteins, found in chicken, eggs or soy, promote hair growth, and folic acid from citrus fruits, tomatoes, beans, and whole grains, makes your hair healthier. You can also prevent hair loss by taking natural calcium.

Knowing all this, you can now make every day a good hair day. Wouldn’t it be great?

About the Author
Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne. Her passion is beauty and fashion and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.

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