Friday, 22 January 2016

Top Buys to Beat the Chill

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn"
Hal Borland 

Winter is definitely my least favourite season. I'm already fed up with the cold weather and the fact that my hands and feet turn numb as soon as I leave the house. I don't want to sound melodramatic but I wish I could shut my eyes and wake up in March.  

Oh well…It's not likely that I'll come into a possession of some magical powers to change the weather any time soon (insert a sigh emoticon) so I need to be patient and wait for spring. In the meantime, I've virtually scoured the shops to share with you the top buys to beat the chill in style. 

Padded Jackets 
Padded jackets are the best companions for blustery days. They are perfect for layering over everything from chunky jumpers to knitted dresses. 

puffa jacket

padded jacket
Next - £50

It's obvious that jumpers are a basic staple of everyone's wardrobe. I have recently become a fan of cashmere, which you all must agree is the epitome of luxury. 

Dunedin Cashmere -£55 
Dunedin Cashmere - £63 

cashmere jumper
Dunedin Cashmere - £95 

These days I can be spotted wearing faux fur cossack hats which I showed you on the blog last year here and here. They may be too dramatic for some of you but don't worry as they are plenty of cosy hats around. 

cloche hat
Marks & Spencer - £25
Accessorize - £6

pom pom bobble hat
New Look - £7.99

Gloves & Scarves 
We all know that winter wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a great scarf and a pair of gloves. 
Dunedin Cashmere - £31
cashmere gloves
Dunedin Cashmere - £28

camel leopard stole
Dorothy Perkins - £14

butterfly scarf
F&F - £7

What do you think about my picks? How are you coping in the chill? 

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