Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Look of the Day: Braving the Chill

Happy Wednesday! I hope you're having a great week.  

I can't believe how cold it's been here in London over the couple of days. Although I grew up in Poland where temperatures drop to even -15 degrees Celsius in winter, I'm still not used to the chill. 

So when I woke up yesterday and realised that it was -4 degrees Celsius outside, I wished I could crawl back to bed and hibernate until spring. Wouldn't it be amazing if humans could that!? 

On cold days like these, I completely forget that I'm a fashion blogger who should photograph herself wearing pretty clothes. Unlike some fashionistas who pose to photos in skimpy dresses and open toe shoes, I wrap up warm and step outside hoping that I won't turn into a human icicle. 

Coat - Asos
Jumper - It's old so I don't remember
Top - H&M
Jeans - F&F
Boots - CCC
Gloves - Primark 
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