Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Look of the Day: Floppy Hat

floppy hat

I was never a hat person. I still remember the times when as a kid I used to shove my winter hat into my backpack as soon as I left the house. I refused to wear it no matter how cold it was. 

However, over the past year my attitude towards hats has started to change. I really wanted to buy a fedora hat but I struggled to find one that would suit me. And then when I was about to give up on my search, I came across this perfect floppy hat at Primark. It's not what I initially wanted but I think it looks great. 

Are you a hat person? Did you wear one when you were a child? 

boho chic

Top - F&F at Tesco
Jeans - Next
Shoes - New Look
Bag - F&F at Tesco
Hat - Primark

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