Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Last Rays of Sunshine

patterned dress

I can't believe summer is over. I wish I could stop the time as I really not look forward to cold and dull autumn months.

Sadly I don't have any magical powers so I need to make the most of the last rays of sunshine before rain and cold set in. Hence, as the weather is nice, today I decided to wear this Billie & Blossom floral dress that I recently found hanging at the back of my wardrobe. 

It still had the tags on and I can't believe I completely forgot I bought it! Oh we'll...I may not be wearing the dress this season anymore but it's going to be perfect for next year. 

last rays of sunshine

Dress - Billie & Blossom at Dorothy Perkins
Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - New Look
Bag - F&F at Tesco 

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