Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Little French Riviera Box

I've talked a lot on the blog about how much I love My Little Box, a monthly subscription service offering beauty and lifestyle products. It has become one of my monthly treats and I'm always so excited when it reaches my post box. 

So, when earlier this month I found out that June's box will be slightly delayed, I was a bit gutted. However, My Little Box released a trailer to give us all a sneak preview of what to expect. 

But without further ado, let me just show you what can be found inside June's box entitled My Little French Riviera Box. Created in collaboration with a French designer, Sarah Lavoine, it came in a super cute packaging and included three beauty products: My Little Beauty Sea Salt Scrub, Keratine Thermique Blow-Dry Care for Unruly Hair and Loved by Sarah Lavoine Nail Polish in blue. Sadly, the the nail polish is too bold for me but I gave it to my sister who was quite pleased with its lasting power. 

When it comes to lifestyle products, June's box featured 2 plastic planters and retro looking sunglasses designed exclusively by Sarah. While I'm really happy with the sunglasses, I have rather mixed feelings towards the planters. They are supposed to be used as decorative holders over pots but their texture resembles Ikea shopping bags. Well, maybe I will think of other ways to use them but for the time being I keep the pots in my drawer. 

What do you think about this month's box? 
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