Monday, 11 May 2015

1 Dress 7 Ways Challenge Part 2

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend.

If you visit my blog from time to time, you have probably noticed that I'm a huge fan of bright colours. 

So, I'm sure you are not surprised to see that I opted for a splash of yellow for the second instalment of my '1 Dress, 7 Ways' challenge.

The bright blazer, which debuted on my blog a few months ago (here), has always been one of my favourite pieces. It instantly lifts my mood up so I often pick it on Monday mornings when I dread going to work. 

And as today I really suffer from Monday blues, I went further and paired it with yellow court shoes which made their first outing today despite the fact that I bought them about four years ago. 

What do you think about bold colours? Do you have an item you wear when you need a pick me up? 

Blazer -F&F at Tesco
Dress - F&F at Tesco
Bag -
Shoes - New Look 

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