Saturday, 25 April 2015

My Little Dream Box

Today I'm excited to show you My Little Dream Box, which is the latest addition to My Little Box collection.

It's safe to say that My Little Box has become my little treat and I'm always so ecstatic when I get an email telling me that my next box is on its way. As someone who has a very curious nature, I find it so hard not to look for spoilers of what is inside.

This month's box certainly didn't disappoint me. It has a dream theme which reflects my current mood to do what I always dreamt of. Like previous boxes it came in a cute packaging and included fab beauty products: My Little Beauty's Repairing Mask for Dry Ends; Nominoë face cleanser and Lip Balm Loved by Lou Lesage. Sadly due to my sensitive skin I didn't want to risk trying the cleanser on my skin. Instead I gave it to my sister who absolutely loved it. 

When it comes to lifestyle products, inside My Little Dream Box I found a dainty necklace which I am going to use as a wrap bracelet, a rotating stamp with 12 lovely messages and a black ink pad. There was also My Little World magazine which came in a new poster like format. 

I would certainly recommend My Little Box to everyone and can't wait for the May edition to come through my door. 

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