Saturday, 4 April 2015

How I Will Dress for Easter Lunch

Happy Saturday! Are you enjoying a long weekend?

After having an Easter tidy up yesterday, I will spend the whole day in the kitchen helping my mum with Easter preparations. I'm actually quite excited as Easter is my favourite holiday. 

As I usually spend the day with my family in the comfort of our house, I tend to dress fairly casual. I can be quite clumsy (and often end up having accidents in the kitchen) so jeans and a jumper combo is the best option for me. However, we are having some guests visiting us tomorrow so this year I decided to opt for a smarter look. I just hope that I won't spill anything on me as the dress I picked is my mum's. 

Before I go I want to take this opportunity to wish you lovely Easter. I hope you have a great day tomorrow. 

Dress - F&F at Tesco
Shoes - Deichmann

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