Sunday, 30 November 2014

My #Nextmas Wishlist

Dear Santa

I hope you and your elves are well.

Thank you so much for the presents you brought me last year. They were great and I loved them all. 

I know you must be very busy so I don't want to take much of your time. I just wanted to tell you about a few things I'd love to receive this Christmas for myself and my family. You can find everything at 

1. Blue Snakeskin Effect Points - I can't stop lusting over these heels. I wrote about them here. 

2. Nyx Love Nail Kit - My sister loves doing her nails so I'm sure she would love this set.

3. Leather Zip Gloves - My Mum gets cold easily so she would be delighted to receive new gloves.

4. Two Pack 25 Pyjamas - My brothers always need new PJs. These come in a pack of two so they can have one each.

5. WD London Carbon Fibre Cufflinks - My Dad collects cufflinks so I'm sure he would be pleased to add these to his collection.

Please say hello to everyone at the North Pole.

All the best,


My #Nextmas Wishlist

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