Friday, 17 February 2017

Styling a Pleated Skirt for Winter

How to wear a pleated skirt in winter
Some of you know that I'm a huge fan of pleated skirts. I recently added the blush one to my collection and I'm pleased to report that I didn't 'steal' it from my Mum. And no, before you ask...I didn't break my shopping ban either. I managed to score the skirt in December during the sales :)

I usually wear pleated skirts during warmer months but since summer is still a few months away, I was a little impatient and decided to take it out for a spin. To keep warm, I paired it with a roll neck jumper, leather jacket and heeled ankle boots to elongate my body. I finished off the look with a snood which I found inside My Little Fresh Start Box last month (here).

What do you think of today's look? Do you wear pleated skirts in winter? 

How to wear a pleated skirt in winter
pleated skirt

How to wear a pleated skirt in winter
ankle boots
How to wear a pleated skirt in winter
Skirt - F&F // Jumper - H&M // Jacket - Old // Boots - F&F // Boots - F&F // 
Snood - My Little Box 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

My Little Mountain Box

My Little Mountain Box
It's the time of the month (no not this time of the month ;))...It's the time of the month when I can show you what I found inside the latest My Little Box. 
My Little Mountain Box

I have to say that February's box reminded me of a skiing holiday I went on a couple of years ago with my family. Bearing a 'Mountains' theme, the box returned to its usual format as goodies arrived in a box illustrated by Kanako (an illustrator who is part of the My Little Box team). What about the content I hear you ask...
My Little Mountain Box

My Little Box
My Little Mountain Box
My Little Mountain Box
My Little Mountain Box
Well, My Little Box featured a fairly good mix of lifestyle products. My favourite were glitter socks that I wear to sleep as my feet get so cold at night, a mountain-shaped notebook with sticky notes and a little book introducing us to the concept of Hygge. Inside I also found a small metal box containing an 'Alpine Chic' pin and a chunky snood knitting pattern from Stitch and Story. The idea of knitting never appealed to me before but I'm going to keep the pattern in case I decide to give knitting a go in the future. 
My Little Mountain Box

When it comes to beauty products, this month we received a sample of Porefessional by Benefit, Icy Magic Eye Roll-on from Polaar which is enriched with micro-nutriments that claim to help reduce puffiness and dark circles and Fresh Kiss lip balm. The balm is a real saviour for me as it not only smooths my lips but it also gives them a nice red tint. 
My Little Mountain Box

What do you think of this month's box. Is there a product you would like to try? 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Spring Colour Alert

If you've read my latest post (here), you know that I can't get enough of colour in my life. As bright hues can instantly lift your mood and make you feel a lot more energised, today I wanted to talk to you about the colours you should introduce to your wardrobe this coming season. 

If the idea of sporting yellow trews scares you a little bit, check out this post for tips on how to make your wardrobe pop! 

Splash of yellow

1. Skirt - Marks & Spencer // 2. Bag - New Look // 3. Trousers - Marks & Spencer //
 4. Shoes - Boden // 5. Jumper - Next 

Don't shy away from yellow as it is one of the hottest colours for Spring/Summer 2017. It is also the most luminous colour of the spectrum representing youth, energy and happiness.
Splash of red
1. Blazer - Next // 2. Scarf - Dorothy Perkins // 3. Blouse - Dorothy Perkins // 4. Shoes - Dorothy Perkins // 5. Culottes - Marks & Spencer 

Red is my colour of choice every time when I need a confidence boost. As some women find it hard to wear, last summer I prepared a guide with tips to help you find the perfect shade of red to complement your skin tone.  

Splash of Blue

1. Shoes - Boden // 2. Dress - Dorothy Perkins // 3. Bag - Accessorize // 4. Skirt - House of Fraser // 5. Shoes - Dorothy Perkins 

I'm sure most of you already have something blue in your wardrobe. It's cool and calming so it's not a surprise to see that it's number 1 favourite colour of all people. 

Splash of Pink

1. Skirt - Dorothy Perkins // 2. Shoes - Dorothy Perkins // 3. Top - Warehouse // 4. Jumper - Next // 5. Coat - New Look // 6. Clutch - Dorothy Perkins

It looks like pink is not going anywhere any time soon. If you're not comfortable wearing pink from head to toe, team it with brown, beige, white or blue. 

Splash of Green

1. Bag - New Look // 2. Dress - Warehouse // 3. Trousers - Marks & Spencer // 
4. Shoes - Boden // 5. Dress - Dorothy Perkins 

According to Pantone, green is the colour of the year. It's the most flattering colour so don't forget to show it some love this coming season. 

Splash of Orange

1. Skirt - House of Fraser // 2. Dress - Dorothy Perkins // 3. Coat - Warehouse 
// 4. Shoes - New Look 

Orange radiates warmth and happiness. You can easily pull it off by teaming this vibrant hue with classic tonnes of navy, cream and grey. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Look of the Day: Greenery

Green pencil skirt
How would you define your personal style? Has it changed over the years?

Last month I was selected as the Blogger of the Month for the Next Blogger Network (if you're part of the Network, don't forget to check out my short interview. You will need to log in).

During the interview, I was asked what my personal style was. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure how to answer this question as I never really tried to label my style. It has certainly evolved over the years and I often cringe when I look back at my old photos. Can you believe that I used to be a huge tomboy?. As a teenager, I lived in baggy jeans and sweatshirts. 

These days I definitely reach for feminine and classic pieces. Skirts and dresses are my best friends. Even tough I'm a fairly shy person who doesn't like drawing too much attention to myself, I love bright colours and patterns. If you're one of my loyal readers, you may have also noticed that I tend to colour coordinate my glasses with my outfits. Today's look of the day is a prime example of this quirk. 

Green pencil skirt
Oversized coat
Green pencil skirt
Green pencil skirt
Coat - From an independent boutique 
Top - H&M
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Next 

Monday, 6 February 2017

Wallis Coat

Wallis Coat
Happy Monday! I'm sorry about being MIA last week. It was a really tough week and despite my great love for blogging, I didn't have time to sit down and work on posts. I hope you didn't miss me too much :) 

Some of you will probably agree with me that winter is the worst season for fashion blogging. Days are short and dull so it's often hard to take decent outfit photos. Things are even more difficult when you can only organise your shoots over the weekends and the weather is totally against you. 

After many failed attempts, I was finally able to photograph this Wallis coat. Although it belongs to my Mum, I'm the one who wears it most of the time (I'm sorry Mum. You know I love you:). love its rust colour as it adds a nice pop of colour to the winter wardrobe. Thanks to the versatile shape, it's perfect for everything from everyday wear to a night out. 

Wallis rust coat
Wallis rust coat
Wallis rust coat
Wallis rust coat
Coat - Wallis // Dress - F&F // Boots - F&F

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

February Wishlist

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week. Some of you may remember that I was on a self-imposed shopping ban in January. I'm pleased to report that I succeeded. I didn't buy any clothes, shoes or accessories for the entire month. I still can't believe I did it (hip hip hooray)!

Motivated by my little success, I decided to extend the ban for another month. I'm also going to keep a diary to share with you my thoughts and daily struggles of trying to be good and not breaking the bank. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

To test my strong will, today I wanted to share with you my current wishlist. Maybe some of the items will find their way to my wardrobe when the ban is over :)

Dorothy Perkins red heels
Dorothy Perkins orange skirt

yellow wide leg trousers

Boden coat
Boden shoes

H&M knit
Accessorize bag

pleated skirt

Friday, 27 January 2017

10 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind While Job Hunting

As January is the month of new beginnings, it's the time when many of us embark on a job search in a bid to change something about our lives. 

Unfortunately job hunt is not always easy. While there may be a few lucky people out there who receive job offers right off the bat, the rest of us need to submit countless applications before our search comes into fruition. 

10 things every girl has while job hunting

As I quite enjoy making lists, today I wanted to share with you a few thoughts I had while I was job hunting. It was a very disheartening process but I made it in the end. So if your goal this year is to get a new job, I want you to know that you CAN'T GIVE UP. The right job will find you. And don't forget to check my old post here if you're unsure about what to wear to an interview. 

1. Will I ever get a job?
2. Is someone actually reading my application?
3. I've seen a new advert but shall I bother again?  
4. How many CVs do I need to send before someone invites me for an interview? 
5. There're so many other things I'd rather do now. 
6. I want to go shopping. Wait...I don't have any money left. 
7. If someone asks me one more time how's my job search going, I'm going to shout.
8. Daytime TV is boring.  
9. Is my degree worth anything?
10. Maybe I'm lucky that I don't have to use public transport at peak times. 
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